Watch: What happens when the NBA’s top 10 players get traded?

The NBA trades for top prospects.

When it comes to player development, the NBA is all about winning.

This is where the top 10 picks in the draft come in handy.

But when it comes time to move on to the next level of development, there are some teams who want to take on some big shoes to fill.

Here are the top picks from the 2017 draft, as well as their current standing as of this writing.1.

Indiana Pacers (1-1) | Last week: No. 4 in mock draft2.

Detroit Pistons (1,000 points) | No. 3 in mock2.

Atlanta Hawks (2,500 points)| No. 2 in mock3.

New York Knicks (2 and 1) | Top 5 in the lottery.4.

Toronto Raptors (2nd) | Team to watch for: Kyle Lowry, and the Raptors could make another run at him.

They are looking at Lowry, a 7-foot center who averaged 21.6 points, 6.4 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game last season.

The Toronto Raptors need a big year out of Kyle Lowry.

(Getty Images)5.

Oklahoma City Thunder (1st) | Watch: The Thunder have an interesting situation to address this offseason.

They currently have four players on their roster who have two seasons remaining on their contracts.

They can either sign them for more than the maximum value, which would cost the team $13.8 million in cap space, or sign them to long-term deals for more money.

Oklahoma could use another player, so it’s a situation where the Thunder could have to decide between retaining two players and keeping one.6.

New Orleans Pelicans (3rd) | Previous ranking: No

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