How to write an essay that will be popular with readers

By JEFFREY RICHARDSON Medical News Now – 3rd November 2017 A few weeks ago I got an email from a woman who was struggling to find a good essay to read while nursing.

I thought I’d write one for her.

But then, I realised that I had never written one before.

Instead, I’d had an epiphany.

How can I write an article that will appeal to people who have never read an essay before?

I’ve had an idea before, but I didn’t realise it was so relevant to nursing.

So I decided to try it myself.

It was a challenging project, as the writing process is so unique and different.

But I found that the best essay I could write was one that would appeal to everyone, from anyone.

Here are some ideas to get you started:1. 

Read an article from the title of an online nursing forum or a website that is dedicated to nursing and you’ll have an idea of what the topic is. 

There are many of these, including The Nursing Journal and The Nursing Institute of America.


Write a short essay on a topic you know nothing about, and then post the article in a nursing forum where people can comment on it. 

Here are a few examples of nursing-specific sites that you can write on. 3. 

Make an article about something you know, and post it in a blog on a nursing-related website. 

If you don’t know the topic, you can ask people who know what the subject is, or go to a nursing site and ask them. 


Create a short, short essay that’s more than two pages long. 


Ask questions in the comments section of your blog that relate to a topic that you know little about. 

This is a good time to mention that you are a professional nursing professional and can write your own article.


Publish your article online. 

You can also post your article on a website where other people can see it.

This can be done with a blog, a wordpress blog, or a blog for the nursing industry.


Post an article in the nursing community, and invite others to comment. 


Take your time to read the comments of your readers. 


Comment on other people’s blogs, or post your own. 


Share your own blog with your readers, and include links to your own site. 


Tell the reader you wrote your article. 


Use the nursing site’s “Submit Your Essay” tool to see if they will like it. 


Add a link to your blog to your website, and use it in the article.

This is where you want to take your time, and be respectful to the reader. 


Find a topic to cover in your article, and explain how it will appeal. 


Give the reader a list of your strengths and weaknesses, and why they are different. 


Your essay should be concise and concise. 


The main character is the main character, not the other characters. 


Have a strong, compelling point to make. 


Avoid cliches. 


Focus on the reader’s experience with nursing. 


A strong conclusion. 


Choose a specific word that makes sense. 


Consider using one of the more common abbreviations to describe the topic. 


Provide a list that includes all of the main characters, and an example of what they look like. 


Talk about the author, and their ideas. 


Don’t overdo it. 27. 

It is OK to be funny. 


Let the reader decide if they like your writing. 


Allow the reader to have their say. 


Show the reader how you think your writing would make them feel. 


When you write a story, make it fun. 


Remember to be consistent. 


Enjoy writing about your life. 


Express yourself. 


Help the reader understand your thoughts. 


Get a good idea of your audience. 


Do not overthink it.

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