Why you should use a dictionary to help you write your essays

words article Why do I use a word processor to type out my essays?

When you write them, you use a combination of words that can be tricky to get right.

I like to write essays using my iPad or Mac.

And because I’m an aspiring novelist, I have a lot of books on my shelf.

But I’m also a huge fan of using a dictionary.

It’s a great tool for finding common words, and it’s a fantastic way to quickly and easily learn new words and new vocabulary.

You can find more dictionary articles here.

But don’t just take my word for it.

A quick Google search reveals a lot more.

Here are some of the most popular dictionaries that I found that help writers:1.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED)2.

The Dictionaries by Elizabeth Dunn3.

Oxford English Corpus4.

Webster’s New World Dictionary5.

WordNet 6.

WordWeb 7.

Oxford Dictionary (OECD)8.

Oxford International Dictionary (Oxford)9.

The Complete Oxford Dictionary (Dictionaries)10.

The International Dictionary of American English (Dictionary of American Usage)11.

The Encyclopedia of American Prose (DICT)12.

The Dictionary of the American Language (DOT)13.

The American Heritage Dictionary (ACAD)14.

The National Dictionary of Social and Behavioral Sciences (NASBS)15.

The Collegiate Dictionary of International Law (CEIL)16.

Dictionary of Modern American English 17.

The Webster’s English Dictionary 18.

Word of the Day 19.

Wordnet 20.

Word Dictionary 21.

Dictionary.com 22.

WordStream 23.

WordCloud 24.

WordPorn 25.


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