‘Feminist’ professor on ‘political correctness’ and ‘misogyny’: She won’t apologize

When she’s not lecturing, Susan Fowler is a professor at the University of Texas-Austin and a social justice advocate.

In 2016, she became a Twitter sensation after tweeting that she’d been raped by a male colleague.

The university quickly removed her tweet and she filed a complaint with the Office of Equal Opportunity.

But the former professor said her experiences have not been isolated.

“I have had several instances of discrimination, which I will not repeat here,” she wrote in an op-ed published on The Hill.

“They have included comments like, ‘Oh, that’s so funny because you’re a man,'” she continued.

“Other incidents have included being told I shouldn’t be able to talk about my experiences because they were ‘political.'”

Fowler’s tweets sparked a firestorm of criticism from women’s advocates and conservatives, with some saying her experience was not isolated.

Now, Fowler is calling for an apology from the university, saying the university has failed to respond adequately.

In an op/ed published in The Hill, she said the university needs to do more to protect students who face harassment and assault.

“The University of California-Berkeley is not immune to sexual harassment, assault, or assault on campus, and we know that many students face it as well,” she said.

“And the University has failed miserably to protect the students who have suffered.

The University of Berkeley should immediately apologize for the way it handled this incident and the way they handled the aftermath of it.

We cannot allow students to be intimidated or harassed on campus by the actions of a single individual.”

“These are not isolated incidents,” Fowler wrote.

“This is a systemic problem, and it has a long history of failure at the university.”

On Thursday, Fowler wrote an op ed for The Hill titled “Dear Cal: You can’t make my rape a feminist thing.”

In it, she wrote that “I know that it is not politically correct to call a man who raped me a rapist because, well, that sounds like a feminist statement.”

“But my experiences are not the norm, nor are their impacts all that different,” she continued, “so I am writing to you now because we must.

We must do better.”

She continued, saying, “We cannot allow the University to continue to silence women who have experienced sexual assault, even if it’s a rape.”

The backlash to Fowler’s piece on TheHill came on the heels of a tweet from President Trump that made light of a recent case of sexual assault by a woman at the White House.

“Just out: A former employee of the @WhiteHouse is suing them for defamation,” Trump tweeted.

“A private conversation she had with President Trump was published by @CNN.

She claims it was false.”

But the Twitter account for the President’s Office said that the woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, had not filed a defamation lawsuit.

“As the President is aware, we have not yet received a complaint,” the office wrote.

The tweet drew condemnation from other Twitter users, including former President Joe Biden, who tweeted, “@realDonaldTrump, this is not the first time you’ve tweeted something that could get you in trouble.

What a joke.

Just tell them that it was not.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) January 20, 2021 “@Trump, you are no different from a misogynist.

Just because you don’t like a woman does not make you sexist.

I am not going to tweet you.

I’m not going do that,” Biden tweeted.

In a statement to The Hill on Friday, the University said it had “received no such complaint and we have no plans to respond to the President.” “

In light of the recent tweets from President Donald Trump, we are issuing a statement about President Biden’s comments that were disparaging about the women in our government,” the Office said.

In a statement to The Hill on Friday, the University said it had “received no such complaint and we have no plans to respond to the President.”

“We have no comment on this matter,” the statement said.

Fowler is scheduled to speak at a conference in Texas on Saturday, where she will discuss her experience as a woman and her experiences with sexual assault.

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