When does a kid have the right to say no?

By: Lauren MackeyPosted April 15, 2019 06:12:15My son, Max, is in his sophomore year of college and is in the process of choosing between two schools, Yale and Northwestern.

While both schools have a large and growing enrollment, he is opting to go with Yale because of the quality of his classes, he says.

I’ve had my doubts about Yale for years.

I know they have some pretty good programs but they are just not as rigorous as the best universities in the world, Max says.

When he applied to Yale I didn’t know what to expect and I had to do some research and figure it out myself.

A year later, Max has a great relationship with his school and is very proud to be a Yale alumnus.

But he says the school is so different from the other colleges that he hasn’t been able to decide yet.

Yale has a reputation for quality of instruction, but he says he isn’t sure what that means when it comes to teaching.

It’s the only school where I’m comfortable telling people that I don’t want to teach them and that I will be a great teacher, he adds.

He also says he feels like he doesn’t have a voice at Yale because he doesn the same amount of homework as the other students.

I’ve had some pretty tough conversations with my classmates and it has been hard to communicate what I want to say to them.

In my case, I felt like the students had a lot to say and I didn.

I want my voice heard, he tells me.

After a few months, he told me he wanted to quit.

He told me that he was taking a different job in the tech industry.

My son says he’s a huge advocate for higher education and has always wanted to go to college.

I would love to take my son to Yale, but I feel like I don�t want to do it at all, Max adds.

The school does offer a lot of classes, and Max says he loves them.

He says that he is more comfortable teaching people from other cultures and countries.

One thing that he does agree with is the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Max said he thinks a school like Yale has the ability to do better by students who are not from his own culture.

As a kid, he wanted his dad to be more like him and he says that when he and his father went to Yale he was very proud of his dad for taking the class.

But now he doesn�t think it’s possible to be like him.

Max says that his father is a strong supporter of affirmative action and the rights of minorities and says he is proud to have him at Yale.

He says that if he had a choice between going to Yale and going to a different school, he would choose Yale.

He said he would never go to another school because he believes that Yale is the best.

What do you think about the right of students to refuse to take a college course?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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