Microsoft, Twitter share $3.5B investment

article TechCrunch — Microsoft, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon and Facebook all made large investments in 2017, with all companies posting record-high profits.

The data shows that Microsoft alone posted a $3 billion net profit in 2017.

Twitter’s $3,000 net profit is the second-largest in 2017 behind Facebook.

All three companies posted record-breaking year-on-year profit margins, with the only exception being Amazon, which posted $3 million profit in the second quarter.

Google, meanwhile, posted record profits despite falling revenue from its cloud services.

Here’s a look at how each company fared in 2017:Microsoft and YouTube are now the most profitable tech companies in the world.

They’ve posted record profit margins and generated record-low debt.

They also have a huge amount of money coming in, which means they can do more acquisitions and raise more money from investors.

YouTube has also added many high-end content creators to its roster, making it a more attractive target for investors.

Facebook, on the other hand, has had to fight its way back from the decline in its user growth.

However, in 2017 the social network posted record revenue, a record amount of ad impressions and strong subscriber growth.

All in all, the data suggests that Facebook is doing very well and is not at risk of falling behind.

Twitter, meanwhile has had an incredible year, as it continues to grow its user base, expand its product offerings and increase revenue.

Twitter also recently announced its acquisition of video analytics company Liveleak, making the company a much more attractive investment target.

Amazon has also posted record year-to-year profits.

Despite struggling to make inroads in the online shopping market, Amazon is on track to post record-setting revenue in 2017 and is looking to expand its business.

Amazon is also looking to boost its cloud offerings, which includes video streaming.

Google’s $1 billion investment in video analytics startup Y Combinator has boosted its video monetization platform and is currently in the process of raising $1.5 billion.

Microsoft has also recently ramped up its cloud and video advertising efforts, with $1 trillion worth of investment in Azure, Google’s cloud storage and the video-delivery company Inbox.

Twitter has also made significant investments in the video and social media space.

The company announced $1,000 million investment in Y Combined video and video-hosting company iHeartMedia in April 2017, and has also invested in the company’s social video platform, Vine.

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