How to make a winning point at the rink

article The NHL is a league that seems to have a hard time making the right plays at the right times.

The Washington Capitals were the latest team to suffer through this problem on Tuesday night, and the Caps were ultimately able to make the game-winning goal late in the game.

Capitals coach Barry Trotz gave a little bit of a preview of the upcoming game, noting that they’ll be looking to get their players going on the offensive end in a lot of different ways.

“When you play against the Penguins, for example, you’ve got to be aggressive,” Trotz said.

“You’ve got a guy that’s not really going to go down the wing or the wing, he’s not going to play in front of you.

We’ve got players that are not going there and when you play them and play them there, they’re going to get in front.

And then we’ve got some guys that are going to sit in the corners and do some good things, but I think the team is going to have to be a little more aggressive.”

Washington is in the midst of a four-game losing streak, and it’s not like the Caps are in any sort of danger of falling into that same category again.

The Caps will be coming off a home win over the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday, and they’ll have a lot to play for in front and against Tampa Bay on Wednesday night.

If they can stay healthy and keep playing like they did Tuesday night in the first period, they should be able to pick up a victory.

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