Why I wrote a five-paragraph essay about race and discrimination

(AP) The essay format is a common one in which writers attempt to put together a cohesive story that offers a balanced perspective on a complicated issue.

The problem with writing in a short format is that you lose sight of what you’re trying to convey.

So why not get back to basics?

I started writing the essay format for a class I teach on race and diversity in media, and I wanted to take a look at how to write it with five paragraphs.

“I started to think about how I could write five paragraphs that had the same impact as three,” says Lauren Cottrell, who is a writer at the Washington Post and is the founder of the online anthology Writing with Five Minutes.

The five-page essay format, like the short, can be used for a wide variety of topics.

It’s a form of short story, and it’s used to tell a story or tell a complex story.

But it can also be used to describe how a specific subject is discussed in a story, like a writer’s analysis of a race or gender issue.

“You could say you’re writing about racism, but you could also say you want to talk about a woman’s health or you want an analysis of race in a way that feels like a five paragraph essay,” says Cottrel.

A five-minute essay isn’t as difficult to write in as a three-paragraph story.

It requires less thinking and less time.

So the challenge is to find the right format to convey your message.

To get the best results, it’s important to have a strong story to tell.

“It’s a great way to convey the story that you’re telling and that you want people to read, and to have it feel like a real story that’s part of the larger story,” says Carol Brown, a writer and director at the Los Angeles Times.

“If you’re doing a five minute essay, you’re going to have the same amount of words in it that you would have if you were writing an eight or a nine page piece.”

The essay format helps writers express what they want to say.

They can tell the story in their words, using words they’ve already written, or they can use their own words.

And as they use their words to describe what they’re trying out, the writers are more likely to connect their ideas and feelings.

So to create a good five-word essay, writers use the following four strategies:1.

Find a theme.

When writing an essay, it can be hard to find a common theme that resonates across a wide range of topics that can be important.

Cottreson suggests finding a theme that makes sense to the reader and gives the story a sense of unity.2.

Use the short form.

If you want a story to feel like it’s shorter than five minutes, it helps to have shorter words.

“The best way to do that is to have one word, like, ‘this person has never been in a fight with anyone they knew,'” Cottrell says.

The longer the word, the more impactful it will be.3.

Use your words.

You can also use your words to connect with the reader.

“You don’t have to use the word ‘he’ or ‘she,'” Cotrell says.

“But you can use a word like ‘she’ that means ‘woman.’

And it’s very powerful to say something like, this person’s a woman, and she’s been through something that this person is going through.”4.

Use context.

“For me, writing in five minutes was a lot of fun because I was able to get to a lot more of my subject matter and explore it,” says Brown.

She suggests writing about topics like how we think about race or how the media portrays women.

“I think it’s a very powerful way to express an opinion,” she says.

“The five minute format helps the writer feel like they have a story they’re telling, and the longer they write the longer it feels like they’ve told the story,” Cottroll says, adding that the longer you write the more complex the story becomes.

There are other ways to tell your story, too.

For instance, when I write about race, I’ll tell the reader that I’m a writer who focuses on how the African-American experience is unique.

And if you ask someone how their experience is different, they’ll say it’s more complicated than they think.

I’ve also seen writers writing about how they feel about the racial justice movement, which is why I used the word “black,” rather than “people of color.”

And I think that makes the story feel more complex because I’m not just saying that, but also that, this is a story that deals with race.

It also addresses a broader issue, like how to address the problem of sexual violence against women.

“I think that’s a

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