When God was not happy, there was always someone else to blame

A theology professor from New Hampshire has written a scathing critique of God’s original design and how it was ultimately used to justify evil.

In the book, “When God Was Not Happy,” the author, who is an assistant professor at The University of New Hampshire, argues that God could have done things to make things better, like providing for a rainy season, but instead he created the weather and climate and then took care of it for the people of the Garden.

“God did not design the weather or the climate to be perfect,” he wrote.

“He created it to be imperfect.

That’s why it’s called ‘Theology.'”

While some of the world’s major religions do not endorse creationism, creationism has been an issue for Christians since the earliest days.

In fact, creationists are often referred to as the “deniers” of the Bible.

But while there are certainly people who do not believe in the Bible’s literal interpretation of the Genesis account of creation, the theology professor, whose name is Thomas McPherson, has written an opinion piece in which he points out that there are many good arguments for creationism.

For instance, he argues that the earth was not created in six days.

The earth is a sphere and there are four parts to the earth, and there were only two hours on the day God created the earth.

In addition, he says that if God had only made two days for humans, the world would have been a better place.

McPhersons book, titled “The Origins of Creation: The Evidence and the Wisdom of God,” is available online at Amazon.com.

The book is not the first time McPhesons work has been taken seriously by the creationists.

He wrote a book called “The Evolution of the Universe” in the 1980s, in which the author argued that the world was not a perfect, unchanging universe.

In 2007, McPheredon was interviewed on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” and he argued that if there were no intelligent design in the universe, the Bible would be a lie.

He was quoted saying that if people want to believe in intelligent design, they should either “put a big, big sign around the word ‘evolution’ or something, because you’re not going to find intelligent design anywhere else.”

McPheredons book does not have any peer-reviewed academic research to support it, nor does he cite any scientific sources.

He says he did not expect to be quoted on Fox.

The author of the book says that while the arguments of creationism are valid, they are not strong enough to make them any more effective than the Bible itself.

“In short, there are lots of good arguments that would justify the Bible, but they are far from strong enough for creationists to be persuasive in the same way that the Bible is,” he told ABC News.

McPhersey did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

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