How to watch a ‘real’ interview with Trump in the Trump interview series

I have seen the Trump interviews and it is a masterclass in the art of interviewing, the kind that only a Trump adviser could master.

I also watched the CNN interview with Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump and found it to be a master class in how to do a Trump interview.

Trump is not the most skilled interviewer, but it is rare to find a master who is so skilled at the craft.

Kelly is a brilliant interviewer, as is Donald Trump, and I’m not sure anyone else in the news business has the ability to match Kelly and Trump.

But when you watch the CNN and NBC interview, the best way to watch Trump’s interview with Kelly is to read a transcript of the interview.

It is the only way to know for sure that Trump is the real deal.

This is the best interview I have ever seen from a Republican.

Trump said Kelly asked him questions about the death of a U.S. Army captain who was killed in action in Iraq.

Trump told Kelly that Kelly had “absolutely no credibility” when she said that he did not remember the soldier.

Trump also said Kelly’s question about his wife Melania’s breast implants caused him to “feel sick.”

Trump’s response to Kelly’s breast question was that she was trying to make fun of him, but Trump didn’t like the implication that his wife’s breast enhancement was the reason for his behavior.

Kelly asked Trump what he would do about the U.N. climate change report.

Trump responded that he would try to find out who was responsible for the report, which is why he was “very upset” about the way it was released.

Kelly’s questions about his history of racism and his past statements on women led Trump to make a series of comments about the victims of violence by police officers.

Trump was asked if he thought that the way police officers treat people is a factor in why there are so many incidents of police brutality against people of color.

Trump answered that he didn’t know because “the police don’t like to be called names.”

Trump said he was very proud of the way his father treated the working class.

“He would take care of them,” Trump said of his father.

“I mean, that’s why I’ve got a lot of respect for him.

I don’t think I’d have the respect for anybody else in this country if he had not been in the business.”

Trump went on to say that the reason he was elected president was because of the “working people,” referring to working class Americans.

He continued, “I’m the least racist person you ever heard of.

I’m the most anti-racist person.”

Trump also spoke about his son, who was born in New York.

Trump, who has had many wives, did not address any of the women who have accused him of sexual assault.

Instead, he told Kelly, “My mother was a very special woman, and she was a mother.

She was a great mother.”

Kelly asked what Trump would do to end mass incarceration, a policy that Trump called “a great success.”

Trump responded by saying, “If you get rid of it, then we’re going to have to find some way to get rid.

I think it’s a great success, and we’ll find a way to make it work.”

Trump then went on, “When I’m president, I will make sure that every single criminal that’s in prison is sent home, because that’s a horrible, horrible problem.

But we’ll make it a lot easier for the American people.”

He added that he’d like to make the death penalty an option for those convicted of domestic violence, though Trump has yet to release his policy.

Trump later said that Kelly asked about his plans for gun control, and Trump answered, “It’s a problem that I’ve made a point of addressing.

I’d like it to stay that way.”

The interview lasted about five minutes.

Kelly did not make any comments about her interview with him.

The Fox News segment is below.

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For more information, please visit has a strict zero tolerance policy for racial discrimination and harassment.

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