5 ways to get ahead without a college degree

Business Insider article 2/1/18 The following is an excerpt from the book “5 Ways to Get Ahead Without a College Degree: 5 Ways to Improve Your Life Without a Degree.”

(This excerpt originally appeared on Forbes.)

What you need to know about college: 1.

It’s more expensive than a bachelor’s degree.

It costs around $25,000 in tuition, fees, books, and living expenses, according to the College Board.

That’s the same price as a year of state university tuition, plus another $1,000 for books, travel, and other costs.

Plus, you’ll need to pay off a student loan for up to five years.


It may not be worth it.

For one thing, you can’t expect to earn much in the future if you haven’t graduated from college.

“College graduates often face significant unemployment and underemployment, which can reduce their prospects for earning a decent wage, which in turn can lower their ability to pay for education, housing, and child care,” the report says.


You might have to get out of debt.

Many students are saddled with student loan debt, but if you don’t take advantage of the federal government’s Direct Loans program, you’re on your own.

If you want to take advantage, the U.S. Department of Education recommends that you consider debt consolidation programs like student loan consolidation, or the private, for-profit student loan company LOOP.


You’re more likely to get into trouble.

Many colleges have a “safe harbor” policy that gives students who need help getting into school a certain amount of money, so long as they’re not facing a crisis.

If your college is under fire, you may be eligible for some help with debt, the report said.


It takes a lot of hard work.

Getting into college is hard work, and many college students can’t put themselves through college without taking on debt.

But it’s not impossible.

“If you are committed to earning your degree, the first thing you should do is work on your financial plans,” the College Fund said.

The College Fund also recommends the following strategies for helping you avoid debt: Start saving for a rainy day.

“Take a rainy-day fund and put a little aside each month to make a rainy trip,” the college fund said.

“Instead of relying on your parents’ savings, keep your savings at home and make sure you use the funds to pay down the debt that you owe on your education.

Make a plan to cover your living expenses and make the most of your earnings.”

Get a life insurance policy.

“Many college students take on life insurance to pay back student loans,” the colleges fund said, adding that you should consider a life insurer for the same reasons you would any other debt.


It can be a risky business.

If things go wrong with your career, you might be stuck with the bills and unable to get back into school.

This is especially true if you have a job that requires you to work full time.

“It is very risky to take on a debt-free college education,” the guide said.


It won’t help you get a job.

Some job seekers have trouble finding jobs that offer a full-time work-study program.

“You will have to put in extra work to qualify for a job in your field, but you can work toward that goal by getting your degree and taking classes and working towards your certification,” the study said.


You can get out without paying tuition.

Some schools have tuition waivers that allow students to get rid of their student loans for a fee, or even for free.

“There are no penalties or penalties for not paying your loans, except that you will have some difficulty getting a job,” the article said.

But if you’re in the middle of a crisis and can’t pay off your student loans, you have the option of getting a “debt-free” degree, which will give you a degree and other benefits without having to pay tuition.

The free option is offered by many colleges, including the University of Missouri, which offers students a free tuition waiver.


You’ll have to be more careful about taking on too much debt.

“Avoiding student loan debts requires more than simply paying down your student loan,” the website said.

Instead, you should “consider the pros and cons of taking on a loan, and consider the costs and benefits of your choice,” it added.

“The cost of a student loans debt can be prohibitive and will require significant effort in order to reduce the debt.”

The College Foundation said that you can get help with paying off your loans in some cases, like if you lose your job or are injured.

The website also recommends that people take out student loan deferments, or defer payments that are due, if they don’t want to pay more than they owe.


It will take more than just being in college.

You need to be

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