Harvard students take ‘essay’ to Yale

Students at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst are taking “essay” to the Yale supplemental essays course, hoping to create a new literary tradition in the classroom.

In a blog post, they write: “In the past, we have taken essays to the supplementary essays class.

Now we’re taking them to the full-fledged course.

We are taking the essay as a full-blown narrative, the way writers from the past have done it, and we’re doing it in an immersive, collaborative way.

It’s not just a series of essays written for each student, it’s an actual oral history of the world around us.”

“We’re taking the whole thing,” says Emma Richey, the chair of the department of English, who helped set up the supplemental essays class, which began this spring.

“It’s really important to me to have something for students to do.

I feel like we’ve done a lot of really great things, and now we have something that will really take students out of the classroom.”

Richeys group of students is in the process of researching a literary anthology.

It has already commissioned a new anthology, “A Literary History of America,” by two of her former students, David and Rebecca Wurster, which will be published in 2017.

It also has begun to gather suggestions from writers and academics about writing an anthology.

“We’ve already got a whole bunch of people who have written stories for us, and some of them are great, and a lot are good,” says Richeies group of four students.

They’re all aspiring to write an anthology for the class, and Richeya has a lot to say about what she hopes to accomplish.

“This is a big one, because it’s a really interesting opportunity for me to take students and take them on a new trajectory,” says she.

“I’m really hoping that people who are interested in writing will come up with ideas, and that we will get together and work together.”

The writers include literary critic John Hersey, novelist Mary Jo Peacock, and journalist Michael Dirden.

Richees group of eight students have spent three months studying for the course.

They write essays on their respective literary genres, and they will be using the essay to “envision” the anthology.

Richery says that the students have “an enormous amount of freedom” to explore and explore new genres and styles, and to explore a range of ideas.

“What I’m really looking for is for people to take an anthology that they’re excited about, that’s not necessarily about a particular genre or writing style,” she says.

“You can take something that’s about a certain style of writing and really expand on that.

In addition to Richeyy and Rachael Sartore, the group is also looking for an English major, a social studies major, and an English literature major. “

If you’re writing for a specific audience, like a literary critic or a writer who has been a contributor to a literary magazine or an author who has published a literary book, you can take the essay and really try to capture that.”

In addition to Richeyy and Rachael Sartore, the group is also looking for an English major, a social studies major, and an English literature major.

Rachaley is looking for students who are passionate about writing and are excited to be a part of a class that is exploring new writing styles.

“A lot of people would say, ‘I want to be like that,’ but that’s really not who we are,” she explains.

“So we want to make it feel like a class where people are really excited to come, and people who come in who are really interested in literature can take it and explore all of the different kinds of writing.”

“And if they’re interested in working with writers from outside the literary community, that really fits us, too,” Richeey adds.

“The writers are really engaged in this, and it’s something that we feel really important for students in their lives to be involved in.”

Rachays group of nine students have been working in her group of writers, which consists of five undergraduates, one graduate student, and one post-doctoral student.

The writing group has been writing essays on topics ranging from the American Indian experience to the impact of colonialism on women.

Ratchey has also been helping to create the anthology and write the introduction.

“There are a lot that we want [to explore], and I think that’s where the big things come into play,” she admits.

“One of the big topics that we are working on is what kind of legacy do we want for our culture, and how do we go about telling that story?

And how do those stories connect to the people that we have in our world?

And what’s the role of those stories in our society?

And we really want to really bring the audience into that conversation, so they feel like they’re part of the conversation, and

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