Harvard students offer free online courses in cryptocurrency

Harvard has offered free online classes in cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, to students.

The online courses are being offered by a group of Harvard students who are not affiliated with the school.

The group is called the Harvard Crimson, and it was founded in October.

Harvard Crimson co-founder and CEO Robert McBride, who has also run the university’s Bitcoin Institute, said he hopes the courses will be useful for anyone who wants to learn more about cryptocurrencies.

“The purpose of the program is to provide students with a broad and comprehensive understanding of digital currencies,” McBride told CNBC.

“They can use them to better understand how the market works, how to navigate through market risks, and how to interact with and contribute to the ecosystem.”

The students have been asked to sign up for the free classes, which McBride said will begin on Tuesday, November 6.

There are currently 2,500 students enrolled in the Harvard University Bitcoin Initiative, which offers free courses on topics ranging from financial markets to cybersecurity.

McBride is also offering free online master’s programs in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain and other topics, as well as online courses on entrepreneurship.

He said the program will continue until the program runs out of students.

McBride said the Harvard Bitcoin Initiative is not a university-affiliated organization, and he and his co-founders are not interested in any kind of university affiliation.

“We are just people who want to learn about this technology,” he said.

“That is what this is all about.”

The Crimson is not the only group of students offering free courses in cryptocurrencies.

The University of Texas at Austin recently offered online courses for $100, which included a discussion of cryptocurrency.

In October, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst also offered online cryptocurrency classes.

The University of California at Berkeley has also been offering cryptocurrency classes for a few months.

University of Minnesota has also started offering online cryptocurrency courses, and a group called Harvard University Digital Currency Initiative is currently recruiting.

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