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cover for students article article cover page article article article title An essay is a way of describing something in a way that is engaging, interesting and often compelling.

You might be asked to describe your favourite book, your favourite movie, or a piece of music.

An essay can also be a way to express feelings and thoughts.

However, while a good essay can have its merits, it can also become a frustrating slog.

You can do more with a persuasive essay than with an essay.

You should have an essay, but it shouldn’t take up a whole page.

To get a good article cover, read the essay guidelines.

You’ll discover that there are a few guidelines you need to follow to create a persuasive article.

A persuasive article can help you get through an essay and make you think about a topic.

However the best article covers for students are essays that are simple, straightforward and make readers think.

A good article is one that can convey the story and feel of the subject matter.

The first thing you need is a story.

When writing an article, consider the main themes of the article and whether it can be told through the story.

Here are the most common themes you can use to help you write a compelling article: The subject is important The subject matter is important A story is important You might want to put the main story or a main theme at the end of the paragraph.

You don’t have to write a story for each section of your article, but try to include a story in every section.

The idea of the story is the main point.

The story is not important because it doesn’t matter if you use the word ‘story’ in the headline or not.

You want to make sure that the reader understands that the main idea is important, not that the story comes from a book.

The main idea The main theme is important to the story You might write a main idea paragraph, or one that reads like a paragraph.

For a persuasive story, the main topic is the subject.

The point of the narrative is the theme of the piece.

This is often the first thing that readers will read, and the theme might not be immediately obvious.

This doesn’t mean that the topic of the paper is irrelevant, as it should be, but you should be clear what is at the centre of the discussion.

The subject of the writing is important.

This can be something as simple as the name of the book or a description of a place.

You could even make the subject a name, such as ‘The Great Depression’ or ‘The World’s Worst War’.

A main theme The main topic of an article is important because readers will find it interesting.

However you need a story to tell the story of the topic.

This story is usually the most important element of the entire article.

It might be about the subject, the topic itself, or the story itself.

It could be a short, powerful piece of prose that describes a specific event.

You need a compelling story to help readers understand the subject of an essay you are writing.

For example, if you write about a political candidate, the headline of the essay might read: ‘The election is about politics’.

If you write an essay about the world of art, the story could be: ‘How do you get artists to pay attention to the world around them?’

In addition to the theme, the subject and the story are important to an effective article.

An important thing to remember is that you need two things to get the story across: a story and a theme.

A story A story will help you to explain the subject or the theme that you are trying to convey.

This could be about an event that happened to you, an event in the past, or something else.

An example of a good story would be an article about a famous singer, such a Stevie Wonder.

It’s not unusual for a story that tells a story about a celebrity to be the subject: ‘He’s been a rock star since he was a baby.’

You might use a story as the theme to the article, or use the theme as the topic: ‘Stevie Wonder is famous for his voice and his singing.’

If you use a theme, it could be something that relates to the subject such as, ‘the song he wrote when he was 16.’

A good headline An article can make you read more and make your reader think more about the topic and its importance.

It is important that the headline is well written and can be read by a wide audience.

It should make the article more engaging than the article title alone, which is often a good way to avoid the temptation to put a headline in the bottom of the page.

The headline of an excellent article can be more than a headline.

A headline can tell readers what they need to know to understand what you are about to write about.

You also need to consider what people want to read next.

If the headline can get the attention of people

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