This Is What Your Career Goals Look Like

From a job title that reads like it could be any of the many, many job titles out there, to a title that sounds like it’s written by a fictional character, you’d think there’s something off about these jobs.

But for some people, that’s exactly what they need to know about careers.

Here’s a look at the career goals, life goals, and job title ideas that can help you find a way to achieve your goals.1.

I want to be a doctor, engineer, or scientist.

(This is what it sounds like to be employed by a medical device company.)2.

I’m a designer, illustrator, or photographer.3.

I love learning about the world around me.4.

I can be a writer, a journalist, a public speaker, or even an author.5.

I am interested in the arts and in the future of technology.6.

I like to travel.7.

I have a love for learning about my hometowns.8.

I’d like to work in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.9.

I would like to study abroad.10.

I enjoy learning new things.11.

I feel like I am a role model for others.12.

I know I’m not alone in my interests.13.

I admire people who have gone through hard times.14.

I think I can do whatever I want as long as I am not alone.15.

I believe in the power of teamwork.16.

I understand the importance of a healthy, happy family.17.

I really like working in a creative field.18.

I work well with others.19.

I try to do things that are fun.20.

I care about the people I work with.21.

I appreciate people who are intelligent and hardworking.22.

I trust people who know how to use technology to achieve their goals.23.

I also want to learn about other cultures and other countries.24.

I’ve had a few bad days in the past week.25.

I look forward to learning new ideas.26.

I value hard work.27.

I wish I had more money in my bank account.28.

I hope to have a good relationship with my boss.29.

I respect others’ opinions and values.30.

I find life rewarding.31.

I was looking for a way out of the office, but now I’m stuck.32.

I don’t feel like my job makes me a person I can relate to.33.

I enjoyed reading and studying a lot.34.

I prefer to be alone.35.

I miss being part of a team.36.

I make a good team player.37.

I do my best work when I am at home.38.

I seek the approval of my boss when I work.39.

I listen to people and ask questions.40.

I see the world from a different perspective.41.

I plan ahead for the future.42.

I always ask myself, “How can I do better?”43.

I get frustrated easily.44.

I expect more out of myself.45.

I crave success.46.

I ask questions about what I am doing.47.

I consider myself a “career professional.”48.

I pay attention to what my manager says.49.

I strive to be an excellent communicator.50.

I tend to get angry easily.51.

I take responsibility for my actions.52.

I are hard-working.53.

I often get upset if people aren’t helpful to me.54.

I rely on my friends and family for support.55.

I worry about the well-being of others.56.

I struggle to focus.57.

I need to be creative to make a positive impact.58.

I usually feel anxious or upset when I meet new people.59.

I lack confidence.60.

I fear that people might see my shortcomings as weakness.61.

I cannot seem to get over an obstacle.62.

I dislike meetings or conferences.63.

I avoid social gatherings.64.

I live in a city and work from home.65.

I only ever meet people from my work or friends.66.

I will rarely interact with people from other teams.67.

I keep my distance from people from the outside world.68.

I hate meetings and conferences.69.

I rarely meet with people I don-t know.70.

I may not be the most likable person around.71.

I just can’t seem to make friends.72.

I won’t tell anyone about my personal issues.73.

I despise deadlines.74.

I dread the thought of meeting a new person.75.

I spend more time on my computer than with people.76.

I resent having to meet new faces.77.

I forget about people and relationships.78.

I use social media more than with my friends.79. I stay

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