When is the next Nobel Prize in literature?

In the spirit of the Nobel Prize and the Nobel Peace Prize, here are a few things to look out for next year:  What is the prize for? 

  The Nobel Peace prize is awarded annually for acts of peace, in recognition of the “extraordinary efforts made by states and people to maintain peace, to promote the rule of law, and to foster mutual understanding and tolerance in a globalized world.” 

The prize will be awarded for any act of peace “that has been achieved through peaceful means, or that is being promoted in a manner that promotes the rule or non-discriminatory use of peaceful means.” 

What does it mean? 

The prize recognizes acts of solidarity between countries that are at war and states that are in the midst of conflict, as well as “the achievement of some objective, tangible, lasting and durable peace, the achievement of which is an important part of any sustainable peace.” 

The award is the first prize for the Peace Prize.

The award is not awarded for individual acts of kindness, such as donations or volunteering, but rather for an overall “strengthening of international law and institutions in order to create the conditions for sustainable peace, including the recognition of rights and responsibilities.” 

How does it work? 

For every Nobel Prize, the winner receives $1 million.

The winners are chosen by the Nobel committee, which meets in September and announces its choice on December 15. 

What happens to the money? 

A small portion of the prize money is donated to the United Nations.

The rest is divided among the countries where the prize has been won. 

How will the Nobel Foundation choose the winner? 

Nobel Foundation President Lars Løkke Rasmussen said in a statement that the committee would vote on the next laureate “at the end of the year,” and that the award would be announced in 2019. 

Why is the Peace prize important? 

According to the Nobel laureate, peace means “a deep commitment to the rule and dignity of human rights and to the pursuit of justice and equality in all their manifestations, including peacebuilding and humanitarian aid, the promotion of human dignity and social harmony, and the achievement and promotion of a just and sustainable international order and international law.” 

Is the prize in the US? 

No, the Peace award is awarded in Denmark. 

Will there be more prizes? 


The next Nobel Peace award will be announced on October 15.

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