When the ‘Star Wars’ was a sci-fi movie, it was a big deal. Now, it’s an issue

On March 15, 1980, Star Wars was a blockbuster blockbuster movie that hit theaters around the world.

The film was a hit in the U.S., but not in Canada.

That changed when Disney, in an effort to expand its footprint in Canada, acquired Lucasfilm in 1986.

It also acquired a number of other properties including the Star Wars TV series, a video game franchise, and other products.

At the time, Star Trek was one of those properties that had already been made and was owned by CBS.

But it was Lucasfilm that was the first to be purchased by Disney, a deal that was finalized in 1996.

The sale was a huge success, and for the next five years the franchise continued to thrive.

After Disney sold Lucasfilm to Disney, Disney and Star Wars co-creator George Lucas became sole owners of the franchise.

By the time Disney bought Lucasfilm, in 2012, Lucas had left the company and he became a minority shareholder.

As part of that deal, Lucas agreed to relinquish control of Star Wars, which would also give Disney control of the property that had become part of their portfolio.

That gave Disney a huge financial stake in the franchise and in the entire Star Wars universe.

Now that Disney is the exclusive owner of the Star Force franchise, Disney has had to adapt to the new ownership.

With the sale of Lucasfilm and Disney taking control of Disney, they have taken steps to reduce costs.

The Star Wars movies have had to be made in Canada and the films have had fewer Canadian productions than they did five years ago.

That’s led to fewer production locations and fewer sets, making it more difficult to make films.

But Disney has also had to create new Star Wars products to make sure that their own Star Wars line stays in Canada while they do other projects in the United States.

The Canadian government has also been working to bring back the original Star Wars to its homeland, as well as the prequel trilogy.

And there’s also been a concerted effort by the government to revive the Star Trek brand in Canada by offering the option of renting a set.

This year, the Prime Minister’s Office announced a $1 billion fund to help promote the Star Fleet, which is a collection of ships that can be rented and then sold at a profit.

It’s an effort that is working well, and is expected to increase revenues from Star Wars films, according to the Prime Ministry.

The deal will allow Disney to keep the Star Empire, the Star Cruiser and other Star ships, which will also allow Disney the opportunity to keep some of its own Star ships.

But for all that, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

As a Canadian property, Star Destroyer will remain part of the brand.

And that means that it will continue to be part of Star Force.

But if Disney wants to keep its Star Wars brand in North America, it will have to keep bringing the Star Ships back to Canada.

As of 2018, there were about 1,200 Star Ships left in Canada that were still used by Canadian productions.

The biggest hurdle to getting these ships back to North America has been the high cost of renting them out.

But the plan is to bring them back to Canadian audiences through the sale and rental of the original ships.

And Disney is also looking to bring these ships to the United Kingdom.

But there’s a problem: The UK government is worried that bringing the ships back there would be a big distraction for the country, and that might have an adverse impact on the UK film industry.

That might not be the best time for Disney to bring Star Ships to the UK.

In a recent report, the UK’s Digital Economy Agency warned that “many of the UK films would be lost due to the delay of production in Canada.”

That’s because the new owners of Star Ships have said that the films won’t be finished until 2019, but there are a number delays ahead of that date.

There are also issues around the use of these ships.

Because of the high costs of renting and using these ships, it would be very difficult for Disney or any other company to get the Star Stars back to the U to complete the movies that were produced.

The UK has also warned that there’s “no guarantee” that the UK Government will support the sale or rental of these vessels.

And then there are the logistical problems that the Star ships have created in Canada as they have been moved to a new location.

There’s also the issue of transporting the ships from one location to another.

The ships are moving from the port of Montreal to Vancouver.

That makes it very difficult to move the ships to new locations and to move them safely between locations.

But all of these hurdles have made it very challenging for Disney, which owns the Star Forces and the Star Destroyer, to bring the Star Ship series back to Britain.

And with the sale in 2019, the sale is expected that Disney will not be able to bring all of the

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