How the government will deport undocumented migrants

By David PomeroyA government that will deport hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants to the United States this year is facing growing pressure from right-wing groups in Washington to cut back on the number of people it will send back.

Key points:The government has been criticised for not being prepared to tackle the influx of undocumented immigrants in its US deportation planBut the immigration essay format is considered “un-American” in Washington, DCIt is believed that the government has already considered ending the essay format and instead will rely on a computerised system to process the applications for asylum in the US, and return them to the countries they came fromLast month, US President Donald Trump announced that he was going to end the essay form and deport more undocumented migrants.

He announced that, beginning in March, the US will begin returning undocumented migrants back to their home countries and that they would be placed into the “safe harbor” of the US.

Under this plan, the government would return them “in their own country”.

But the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said it would continue to review applications to deport migrants.

In response to the criticism, the department said on Wednesday that it was “committed to ensuring that the Government of the United State of America treats all applications for immigration to the US with the same dignity and respect as those of the citizens of other nations”.

“In keeping with our commitment to ensure that the humane treatment of individuals who are inadmissible in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland is maintained, the Department of DHS is reviewing applications to return asylum-seekers to their countries of origin, as part of a review of the Government’s application process to the Office of Refugee Resettlement,” a DHS spokesperson said.

“We will continue to closely monitor the status of these applications.”

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) allows the government to deport an undocumented immigrant if they are convicted of a serious crime or pose a threat to national security.

But Mr Trump has previously argued that there is no such thing as a serious criminal offence.

He has also repeatedly called for the deportation of undocumented migrant children who have not been returned home from school.

Last month Mr Trump signed a new executive order that requires DHS to implement a new system for the removal of undocumented immigrant children.

This is likely to include a new automated system that will process asylum applications and return migrants back home.

The system will also rely on computers that will allow the government “to identify and deport criminal aliens from the United Nation’s refugee resettlement program and other designated countries”, a spokesperson for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) told ABC News.

“This system will have the potential to remove hundreds of thousand undocumented migrants who have no valid claim to asylum from the US in the coming years,” the spokesperson said, adding that this could result in hundreds of deportations.

Immigration experts say that while there is some support for the plan, some Republicans are sceptical.

“The idea that there are going to be so many deportations of immigrants and refugees is ludicrous,” said Daniel Pomerovich, director of the Migration Policy Institute.

“It is a plan to send a message to the American public that the United US government has no intention of caring about the asylum seekers.”‘

Un-American’ in US?

There is some bipartisan support for ending the paper-based asylum system in the country, with the House of Representatives approving an amendment to a bill last month that would give Congress the power to revoke a waiver granted to the State Department to provide asylum to undocumented migrants living in the nation.

“I have heard of no other country in the world that has the same ability to detain people for such a length of time, and it’s a shame that there’s so much political pushback to it,” Mr Pomerovsky said.”[This] is a very big mistake, and we should stop it.”

“The whole purpose of asylum is to be able to live in a country where you’re safe, and if you’re a dangerous person, you’re not going to get a refugee.”

In January, Mr Trump proposed a plan for a plan similar to the one being considered by the DHS, which would allow the president to end up with hundreds of millions of dollars in US aid, and to deport hundreds, if not thousands, of undocumented workers.

He also announced that the US would stop paying for a US-funded border fence.

“That fence, it is a terrible idea.

It’s a wall that will never work,” he said.

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